What is Rent my space?

Rent my space is a simple and convenient way to find, reserve and book great space anytime, anywhere. We connect people instantly with flexible or permanent spaces. Productive space for users. Profitable space for hosts.


How do I sign up?

Signing up and creating a Rent my space account is totally free. You can sign up from the homepage at www.rentmyspace.co.za

You can sign up via Facebook or your email address. After signing up, be sure to finish completing your profile. If you're a host, this will allow potential guests to find out more about you and your space. If you're a guest, it will allow hosts to learn about you before confirming your booking.


I forgot my password. Help!

If you forgot your password have no fear! On the Log In page just click on the "Reset Your Password" link and enter in the email addresses you used to sign-up.

You'll be sent an email containing a link asking you to change your password. If all else fails, contact Rent my space support@rentmyspace.co.za , and we'd be happy to help!


What is the benefit of signing up with my Facebook?

There are so many great benefits to connecting your Facebook account. These social connections will help you make real connections while traveling to new spaces. In business, you are likely surrounded with other possible connections that you can meet face to face while at new spaces. Connecting your social connections will also allow you to meet people that have booked that that space or are in the local area. You can disconnect your social networks at any time as well.


How do I cancel my account?

We'll miss you if you go! If you do choose to cancel your account, you can do this by sending us an email to support@rentmyspace.co.za or in your dashboard


How can I message a host directly?

You can send a direct message to a host by clicking the "Contact host" button, located in the host profile card on the right side of the listing page.


How do I change my account info?

You can update your information (such as password, username, or email) by logging in and clicking the "Edit Profile" link (located in the top navigation menu with your name on it).


How does social media tie into this platform?

One of the most important components to sharing or renting a space are the people. More traditional methods of finding tenants are stuck in a non-connected format. Rent my space removes the anonymity from the process by connecting Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other professional networks which provides both the Hosts and the Guest insights into their perspective office coworkers. You can find spaces to work from or future guests by filtering key attributes like industry, location type, and listing type.


Why should I create a listing on Rent my space?

Our site provides professionals a marketplace to find great offices, boardrooms, function venues or even retail stores. Unlike traditional classified ads, the Rent my space marketplace connects rentable spaces with qualified and trusted people by leveraging the power of social networks and professional associations. List your space once and turn it on and off while making your terms flexible to rent spaces be the day, week, and month.


How do I create a listing?

Listing a space is on the site is easy - all you need is basic location information and pictures of the space. Great photos increase the amount of attention your listing gets. If you need professional photos taken, let us know because we can help arrangements with a local photographer.

To create your listing, go to www.rentmyspace.co.za and click the "List your Desk" button located in the top navigation menu. Complete the space wizard and your listing will become active and available to our community of professionals.


I want to sublet a portion of our office or space on a monthly basis and an individual desk on a daily basis. Is this possible?

Yes! Our platform provides flexibility so you can decide what portion of your office you want to rent (or the whole thing), the various durations it is available, and the price for each duration.

For example, you can create a listing for a Private Office. From within the Dashboard, you can specify the office is available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis - or all of the above. Enter the price of each duration and your listing will be searchable for people looking for that particular duration availability.

This flexibility enables you to add as many spaces as like with complete flexibility. Turn an empty desk into revenue!


How much does it cost to add a listing?

A listing cost around R150 per month and is purchased through our credit system.

We spend a great deal of money constantly advertising on social media and other regular advertising and marketing platforms - being a free site is counterintuitive as the more we are able to generate the better we can get your space filled……  after all R150 is a small bag of groceries.    


How will Rent my space help me cover my overhead?

Our platform allows you to more effectively and efficiently manage unused areas, assets, and resources within your unused space. Don't let those resources go to waste every day or every month - turn them into revenue. Create a Listing and make them available to our network of professionals who would love to work from your space while they are in town on business, working on a project, or because they are looking for a long term solution for themselves or to move them team.


We have a desk or boardroom table that sits empty everyday but it is in the middle of our main office area. Is this desk appropriate to list on the site?

Yes! That is perfectly suited for our site. You can create a Listing and make it available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. If you do not want a long-term person in that desk, simply make it available only for daily or weekly reservations. That desk is a productive workstation for someone, and our platform will help that person find it while helping you cover the overhead associated with that space!


We just laid off several employees and have an entire room vacant within our office. How can Rent my space help us?

There are several ways you can make that empty space productive again without feeling you need to fill it up with your own “stuff or people”. That vacant room should not be a drain on resources or seen as “wasted space.”

Put some comfy desks and chairs in the office with some basic office decorations so it feels a little like home and offer the space for a daily, weekly, or monthly rental. This type of space caters to consultants working on a team project or the road warriors that need a place to work while traveling for a week or two.

Additionally, this space could be subleased on a more traditional long-term basis. It could be a great benefit to the Guest if the space is a furnished turnkey solution!


How do I get paid for reservations made?

Payment will be made on the first of each month after the booking has been completed, for the balance of your account, via transfer to your bank account, PayPal, Paygate or Stripe. You can specify your payment via the 'Admin' page of the Dashboard. If you prefer to have the guest pay you in person, simply have them chose the 'manual payment' option. We don’t mind how you get paid as long as it suits you.


How do people find my listing?

Guests can search by location and filter by location type, listing type, and industry, and view results in a map-view or list-view format.


How do I add/delete photos after I created a listing?

Log in to your Rent my space account. Click the "Manage Desks" link (located in the top navigation menu with your name on it). Click "Edit Desk" to upload photos for each of your listed desks.


How can I add multiple spaces at one location?

Log in to your Rent my space account. Click the "Manage Listing" link (located in the dashboard menu). Click "add space" on the bottom left of listing screen for the location that you want to add a space to. Complete the form fields, and click Save. Repeat for each desk that you would like to add.


Do I need to keep re-posting my listing?

There is no need to continually re-post your Listing. You can enable/disable a listing by allocating credits to your listing. Our goal is for Rent my space to be the only place you need to go to rent your spaces now and the next time it is available. Remember, our platform will enable you to list a spare on a daily, weekly or monthly basis - so you might always have an available Listing on our site!


As a Host, can I approve Guest reservations?

Yes, by default confirmation is required for all bookings. Note that bookings can't be made if there's no availability, so you don't need to worry about your space being booked over capacity.


Is Rent my space responsible for contracts between Hosts and Guests?

As a Business Community, we help match Hosts and Guests. All agreements are between users.