About Us

The story behind Rent My Space

Rent My Space was founded by Marc Paravano. Having worked with the top hospitality venues around the world,

He realized that people were wasting too much time contacting each venue individually, but also knew from experience that a lot of companies have extra space that they could rent.


Additionally, today’s economy is seeing a rise of entrepreneurs, independent businesses, direct selling, and start-ups.

This has created a huge market for people needing various spaces on a temporary or permanent basis.

Thus, he decided to create a company which would combine an easy booking system with a very customisable interface for property owners and individuals in order to share their unused spaces.


The result of this is



We are a diverse team of highly-qualified and enthusiastic people all aiming to turn any space into an easy to use online booking system. Our goal is to provide an accessible, easy to compare and affordable booking system for any space with a strong focus on quality and value-for-money.