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Our clients types of spaces

Office Space

A fully furnished or unfurnished office space of your own that can accommodate just you or your whole team.

Creative Space

Workshops and team meetings are meant to inspire ideas and teamwork, but are often hindered by windowless spaces. We now give you access to unique and inspiring spaces.

Coworking Space

Co-working is an innovative alternative to traditional office spaces. The concept allows and entrepreneurs to share an open workspace instead of the traditional cubicle.

Function Space

If you’re looking for a venue to wow your clients, or a wedding in trendy spot, Rent My Space wants to connect you to a new world of ‘venues’ for your next event.

Restaurant Space

We can all think of those places that seem packed day or night, but the reality is that many have space available just for what you are looking for.

Serviced Offices

Don’t want the hassle of furnishing an office – or want one that has all the services readily available. Look no further than our client’s current fully furnished serviced offices.

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